Farai Makubaza. His Excellency President Mnangagwa has said that the current devolution drive being undertaken by the seconnd dispensation is meant to ensure that provincial economies have a chance to grow, in turn benefitting local communities. President Mnangagwa said this in his acceptance speech on the occasion of his conferment with the Freedom of the City of Victoria Falls. ‘My administration is commited to the implementation and completion of projects laid out in the Zambezi to Binga corridor Strategic Development plan. This will see the establishment of vibrant and sustainable tourism products in Binga, Sijalila, and Mlibizi, among others on the Zambezi tourism corridor,’ he said.

President Mnangagwa unveils a plaque in his honor at the Victoria Falls civic centre

President Mnangagwa highlighted that central government has prioritised the quick release of devolution funds to local authorities to ensure that projects at provincial level are given the much needed impetus. ‘At a national level, my Government is quickening the pace of development. In the 2021 National Budget we allocated $19.5 B for devolution. This should see the development of the country through communities taking responsibility for their own development,’ he said. The President encouraged the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and devolution for Matabeland North Province, Hon R Moyo, to look into outstanding projects in the region including completion of the Gwayi-Shangani Dam, coal mining and energy projects within Hwange district as well as exploration of prospects around gas and coal bed methane.