Marondera, Own Correspondent.  Mashonaland East Minister of State Cde Aplonnia Munzverengwi launched the provincial Pfumvudza scheme for urban and peri-urban farmers at Rusike phase 3 in Marondera where beneficiaries received 5kgs of Syngeta Seed maize and 2 x 50kg fertiliser dressing.

Clemence Masawi, the District Development Coordinator noted that, ‘even though the industries in Marondera have since closed, the urban community still need to feed their families.Therefore,the Pfumvudza project is going to see every household having food on their table.’ He castigated the imposition of sactions which have caused the suffering of the urban community.


Beneficiaries sing for joy

Mr Munamati, the Provincial Agriculture Extension Officer told the gathering that every household which had complied with the Pfumvudza Scheme is going to get inputs. However there is no policy which regulates peri urban farming. “The Pfumvudza Scheme has offered employment to the urban communities ,” he said. He encouraged the urban community to utilise open spaces to create income projects which include maize planting ,beans planting and broiler rearing. He also attributed poor health in towns to shortage of food and urged all the people present to join the Pfumvudza Scheme.

Minister Munzverengwi hands over inputs to beneficiaries

The Minister of State Aplonia Munzverengwi promised the gathering that every household will be given the Pfumvunza inputs and also thanked his excellency Cde Mnangagwa for availing the Pfumvudza Scheme inputs to the nation. She urged people to have at least 1 plot which has an output of 1 tonne for maize ,1 plot for sorghum or any other crop. Minister Munzverengwi implored the beneficiaries to start planting as soon as they receive their inputs and discouraged those who want to sell the inputs. She also promised to return to Labour Farm to assess the progress of the project. “Lazy people not participating in the programme will cause funds to be diverted to food relief instead of upgrading the local water system which is in a bad state,’ she remarked.