South African President Mr Cyril Ramaphosa has reiterated growing and consistent calls from the continent and accross the globe for the EU, US and their allies to lift unjustified sanctions imposed on the country for close to two decades now. In his speech at UNGA, delivered in his capacity as the current of the African Union, Mr Ramaphosa stressed that sanctions imposed on the country are stifling the Zimbabwean government efforts to resuscitate the economy.

‘To ensure that no country is left behind, we reiterate our position as the African Union that economic sanctions against Zimbabwe and Sudan should be lifted to allow their governments to respond adequately to the pandemic,’he said. The UNGA 75th anniversary is being held virtually because of the scourge of COVID-19, Mr Ramaphosa said that the sanctions are contrary to the UN conventions as they were unilaterally imposed over a purely bilateral issue.