ZIFA acknowledge the Government have other huge obligations, which require immediate attention in the crisis sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, and cannot be pushed into providing subsidies to keep football afloat.

The association insist it can’t push the Government, to provide financial relief, simply because the Government of Botswana have unveiled a package to support football in that country.

A number of Zimbabwean players and coaches ply their trade in the Botswana top-flight league and each player is set to receive about US$206, as part of the package unveiled by the Government in that country, to support football.

Each football player in the Botswana First Division will receive US$124.18 as part of that bailout package.

The payment is a subsidy to help cover for players’ salaries from April to June.

Botswana Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development Minister, Tumiso Rakgare, on Monday confirmed the Government’s plan to help the elite and second-tier leagues with player salary subsidies.

“The monies will be directly deposited to player’s bank accounts to avoid situations where teams might use such funds for their daily expenses”.

Rakgare said referees will be assisted through the FIFA relief fund, as agreed with the Botswana Football Association, which the country’s football controlling body hope to receive from the world football governing body.